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The Gaume and the Ardennes,

a region of traditions, authenticity and flavours.

Beers, wines and spirits, juices, cured meats, chocolates, honey ...

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Local beers

Below you will find some of our local beers that you can taste at the campsite's cafeteria

  • Orval : in Orval. Red beer from an abbey, a must that goes beyond the borders of Belgium.

  • La Rulle s : in Rulles. 10 types: Blonde, Brown, Summer, Triple, Big 10, Holy Hop Circus, Best Wishes, Spelled or Pilsner.

  • Millevertus : in Breuvanne. 13 types: Bella Mère, Douce Vertus, Aperitif, IPApot'âme, Mer Vertus, Poivrote, Blanchette, etc.

  • Sainte-Hélène : in Florenville. 5 types: Mistinguett, Lily Blue, Gypsy Rose, La Grognarde and La Prime.

  • The Horn of the Hanging Wood   : in Ebly. 5 types: Fruits, Blonde, Triple, Black or Winter.

  • Brasserie Ardene : in Bastogne. 2 types: Criminal and Dark Criminal.

  • Rochehaut : in Rochehaut. 6 types: Blonde, Brown, Amber, Belgian IPA, Triple blonde, Ephémère.

  • Lupulus : in Gouvy. 8 types: Organicus, Triple, Blanche, Fructus, Hopera, Brune, Hibernatus and Pils

And many others !!!

Most of these breweries offer tours and tastings (on reservation)

Cured meats

Regional specialties :

  • Pâtés & Gaumais sausages, Ardennes ham,

Etc ....

Milk products

Regional specialties :

  • L'Orval

  • Mozzarella and other buffalo milk cheeses

  • The big Rascal and the little Rascal

  • La Barlette

Etc ....

Honey and chocolate

Etc ....

The farms

There are many farms in the region, do not hesitate to visit them and buyr fresh, quality artisanal products directly from production.

For nature lovers, go every Friday at the "Halle de Han" Farmer's Market in Tintigny, which is only 10 minutes by car from the campsite.

Salaisons Miels-fromages-Chocolats-orval

Wines & spirits


Here are some of our other local drinks


  • The Torgny vineyards : "Vignoble du Loup" in Rouvroy, Ratafia blanc or Rosé, Crémant de Wallonie Blanc de blanc Bio, Sparkling rosé Bio, etc.

Aperitif & liqueur

  • Maitrank : flavored wine from the Arlon region, made from Moselle wine and fragrant Aspérule. An aperitif from home!

  • Zigomar : white aperitif produced in Munaut in the orchard

  • Chouffe Cream : Liquor produced by Brasserie d'Achouffe

Artisanal juices

  • Munaut : Verger de Gaume, apple juice, cider, zigomar

  • Rachecourt Jus : Gaume fruit juice, more than 10 varieties with apples, pears, strawberries, cherries, etc ... local production!

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