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Whether by foot, by bike, by kayak or on horseback, with family or friends, the Alaska campsite provides you with information on many hiking options to discover the valley of the Semois, the landscapes of the Gaume and the Ardennes.

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By foot

120 Walks in the Anlier forest.

Do not hesitate to request more information at

the campsite reception

download the map here

By bike

Get on your bike and explore the landscapes and villages of the Semois and Rulles valley in your own time.

and many more ....

Bike & mountain bike rental at the Tourist info of Marbehan and Habay

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By kayak

To discover one of the most beautiful kayaking routes on the Semois, the "Le Batifol" kayak is waiting for you at Pont Saint-Nicolas, just at the entrance of Camping Le Canada in Chiny.

Different routes will lead you to discover the hidden meanders of the Semois from Chiny to Lacuisine or from Chiny to Chassepierre. For 2,3,4 days or more - alone, with the family or with friends, exploring preserved nature is pure adventure. The trip crosses almost exclusively places in protected nature reserves.

Do not hesitate to contact them or visit the site:

On horseback

As a couple or with the family, in our vast forests or across our green plains, in a horse-drawn carriage or on the back of a donkey, discover the Ardennes and the Gaume in a different way.

For more information


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The Peach

The Alaska campsite is located along the Mellier, a small river which rises near Neufchâteau and flows into the Rulles between the villages of MARBEHAN, Rulles and Harinsart. You can find all the information on river fishing at the tourist info of Marbehan. Many fishermen from the Alaska campsite also go to the neighboring rivers such as the Semois, which are located not far from the campsite.

Do not hesitate to contact the tourist info of Marbehan for more information

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